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polyvinyl alcohol fiber
polyvinyl alcohol fiber
Product name : polyvinyl alcohol fiber
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 polyvinyl alcohol fiber

PVA Fibre has two big type.One is water soluble.Another is unsoluble.

Short Fibre widely used in sugar beet nursery paper, fruit bag paper, vacuum bag paper, battery and so on. It is used in paper making, Used in oilfield fracturing, and melon compound compound used to improve the fracturing fluid suspended sand, sand transport capacity, improve oil and gas wells production; for refractories, can improve the capillary porosity, reduce heat conduction .


High-temperature water-soluble fiber is generally accompanied with the middle of the transition material spinning, spinning and processing of pure water-soluble non-woven fabrics and water-soluble yarn, the production of untwisted towels, hollow fabrics, embroidery, disposable medical and health care, radiation suits and other fabrics; , Hemp, silk and other fiber blended production of high-count yarn or special fabric and other fabrics


High strength and high modulus fiber is an ideal reinforcing material for cement products and plastic products. It is also an ideal anti-cracking and anti-cracking material for mixed-soil mortar project. It is an ideal substitute for asbestos fiber. Its filament has gradually replaced the strong rayon as a tire or inclined tire cord trend


Another unsoluble short fibre can be blended with cotton, wool, viscose fiber or pure spinning, used for clothing and tarpaulin, curtain wire, fishing nets, wire and so on. It has the advantages of high strength, good hygroscopicity, abrasion resistance, light fastness and corrosion resistance. Cable, secondary batteries and other industries

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber specification:

Titer: 2.0±0.25dtex
Tenacity:11.5-13CN/dtex min
Elongation:7.5% max
Modulus(0.1-0.4%):280-300 CN/dtex min
Hot water solubility
Oil agent content:0.2%max
Cut length: 4mm or 10mm or 5mm or 6mm or 38mm